Christmas yard decorations enhance your home for the holidays

Christmas yard decorations improve your home for the holidays and make perfect use of your yard or garden property during this “off” season of the year when little or nothing grows. Imagine using your farm and garden area as an opportunity for much more than plants and foliage — it turns the Christmas season into a time for growing family fun and memories.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are the carefully crafted Christmas garden decorations that my father put together in his workshop. He was a carpenter by profession and ambition, and holiday wood craftsmanship was a happy hobby of his. My family’s handiwork (mainly that of my father) ranged from a carefully cut plywood that Santa had smoothed and painted by hand to greet the guests who walked to our door, to the more elaborate, colorful Christmas lights lined up in our bushes and trees. This hard but fun family work turned many vacation times into cherished memories for me — much more memorable than our indoor Christmas trees, really.

In many climates, November to February are times when most gardens are “broken”, with little or no growth. It’s called winter — and in most parts of the U.S., farms and gardens simply have time through the winter to reach the new growth and fun of spring, summer, and fall. But don’t waste such opportunities; use your garden space to showcase your creativity with such holiday decorations.

One of the greatest pleasures of having your outdoor space is the freedom and creativity that it gives you to express your “holiday mood” with Christmas garden decorations. As long as you’re within the limits of community good taste — and that’s the holiday season, why would you do it differently? — You are free to decorate as you like. (A heads-up, however, if you live in a community of alliances, property rules and regulations, etc., make sure your Christmas decorations don’t violate those rules.)

An excellent option for outdoor Christmas decorations is the mix of vibrant, growing décor with lights and figures. Use bushes and trees to highlight the fairy lights, nativity figures and all the traditional decorations used to enliven the warmth and joy of the season. And if you live in a suburb, you can drive to the nearby neighborhoods for decorative and decorative ideas. Take a few photos of what the neighbors do with you for outdoor decorations at home, then add your own special touch, and you have everything you need to beautify and enhance your garden for the holidays.

Don’t let this farm or garden be wasted through winter. Especially during the holiday season, use Christmas yard decorations to improve your home and build joyful memories for your family!