Glass Dining Table Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love at First Vision

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Big or small? Modern or classic? Whatever your dining room is, one thing is certain: a glass dining table will fit that. This is one of the best choices for those who are looking for a design table that is clean, stylish and versatile at the same time. Want to know more about glass dining tables and be inspired by beautiful designs? So, continue to follow this post with us.

Advantages of Glass Dining Tables


So far one of the biggest advantages of glass dining table is its flexibility. Similar to a chameleon, this type of table does not fit into any other environment, whatever its size and style.

This is because glass is a material that is very easy to shape and can be printed, which allows various possible shapes, colors, and designs. The most common choices are clear glass dining tables, but there are also dining table choices with colored glass, white glass, black glass and even colored glass.

Glass Dining Table Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love at First Vision


Format can also be selected from the space you have. Rectangular glass tables are the most common nowadays, but you can also choose round or square glass tables.

The best trick is knowing how to choose the right chair to make up with the dining table. After that, you will have a table for life. When you are bored with style, simply update or change seats.

Clean design

Glass Dining Table Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love at First Vision


Clean design is another big advantage of glass dining tables. And it is precisely this minimalist design that makes this type of table adapt well to any environment.


Glass is one of the most widely used materials by humanity and has been with humans for thousands of years. Note the earliest glass use originated from 5000 BC.

This means that the glass conveys eternity, that is, it is not conditioned at a historical moment or period, even with a certain decorative style. This is what also makes the glass dining table so versatile.


Believe me, glass dining tables may be cheaper than traditional wooden tables. On average, a small glass table, 1.20 m x 0.80 cm, costs about $ 500, with chairs included.

A solid wooden table of the same size costs around $ 700, without chairs. Fair and significant price differences.

Durability and easy maintenance

Glass table still has the advantage of durability and easy maintenance. Glass is truly evidence of moisture, insects, and other corrosive substances, unlike wooden tables which can experience natural wear over time and require more care and maintenance.

To clean the glass table, simply wipe the surface with a soft sponge moistened with water and neutral detergent, wipe off the excess with a damp cloth. Finishing is done with a dry cloth, followed by a slightly moistened alcohol paper towel.

This is a choice dining room decorated with glass photo:


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